“It is our vision to bring elegance and femininity to the grey corporate world. We believe women can be both elegant and successful and that it is about time to show who we really are. Therefore our slogan is: she believed she could, so she did. “

Most workingwomen follow unspoken guidelines on what to wear and how to look in the office. There exists only a limited freedom of expression and no brand so far dedicates itself to the modern woman who has both a successful career and a rich social life.

Talking to career women we realised that every single woman we met so far has made at least once compromises on style or functionality out of fear to give a wrong impression or not appear professional enough.

Being frustrated with the limited choice available and feeling restricted in our way to express ourselves we decided to found Nina & Ila in the hot summer months of 2016. The aim was to design beautifully crafted accessories for women that will suit any office environment.

We are currently designing our very first business bag for women who desire to make a statement in the office. Using only the finest materials and a timeless, minimalistic design, our beautiful products will be thoroughly tested on functionality by real working women to make sure they suit their everyday needs.

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