A rollercoaster ride

The last two months have been rather hectic on our side and an emotional rollercoaster! After being incubated by the Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship in Munich and nominated for great teamwork by the leading German magazine for working women ‘Emotion’ life seemed bright on our side! But then things took a sharp turn…

The Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship had pushed us to show fast results. Feeling the time pressure we decided to hand over our business bag drawings to a professional leather craftsman to produce a first prototype. Unfortunately he produced something completely different from what we asked for!! The pictures below show the drawings versus the real prototype. The dimensions were wrong, the functionalities were wrong, nothing was quite like we had ordered it!


Ilaria had worked with professional manufacturers before and we had been warned by the startup Mime et Moi that a collaboration with a leather manufacturer would be difficult. While we were prepared to face challenges we did not expect that a handed-in design could be so drastically disfigured to a point that we could not recognise this bag as ours anymore. When we first saw it we did not know if we should start crying or laughing. We decided for the latter.

This was a big learning for us and we promised ourselves that we would not make this mistake again. From now on we produce all the prototypes ourselves, we look for the supplier with whom we’d klick, and only hand over a tested product for mass production to a craftsperson. This means we are back to the very beginning: drawing, measuring, cutting, sewing (yes we bought a sewing machine! :-)). Or in the words of Samuel Beckett: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail better.”

So here are some lessons learned we would like to share with you:

  1. Try to generate your prototype yourself: This will help you realise what is doable and what isn’t. We wanted some design features that turned out impossible to produce (and this slipped through 3 engineers)
  2. If you work with a supplier make sure you are on the spot with him during this process: Every time the supplier had an issue we tried to answer the questions by Skype or phone. What made things even worst, the supplier was inpatient and incorporative making the communication almost impossible
  3. Draft a contract that states precise deliverables: Before you go for the design, as the supplier how he will be producing the bag. Follow each step and note it precisely down into a contract. Make sure that you get what you want and pay the supplier only if he really delivers what she/he has signed up for.

On the evening Ilaria arrived to Munich with the bag, we looked through each detail in it and decided to move on, stay positive and work on our next prototype. That night we popped a bottle of champagne and drank to our first real challenge in our journey. It was a beautiful evening and we were glad to have learned to enjoy our fails. After all, it’s not only the good moments, but also the tough ones that make a great team.


We promise to keep you updated the moment we have a new business bag prototype! In the meantime: we are looking for a creative/ fashion designer to give us feedback and work with us on the bag design. If you know someone please let us know!!

Kisses, Nina & Ila

Nina taking her first sewing class

In an attempt of understanding better Ilaria’s explanations and the technical challenges our suppliers are facing I decided that it is about time to take my first sewing class ever!

The moment I arrived this big machine seemed way too complicated for me to ever understand. But under patient supervision and endless trials to pass the thread through the needle I was ready to sew! And honestly, it was so easy and enjoyable!!


Our workshop consisted of sewing a pillow and later a small cosmetics bag. Here you can see me extremely proud of my first sewing results. And I started humming to the melodie ”one day, baby, one day, I can sew the entire business bag for ya” 😉


Creative chaos

Designing a bag comes with endless design changes and new prototypes. We know that some of the most frequent complaints about handbags include the bag being too small or too heavy. So right now we are trying to find the optimal solution of making a bag for you that is as big as possible and as light as possible but still fits a laptop.

With the help of Nina’s (amazing ;)) husband we spent the entire last week drafting and designing the body of our bag. In order to understand the dimensions better we sew felt together to get a better feeling before we move over to leather. Here you can see Mahmoud in the process of sewing and the creative mess we have at home these days 😉


The importance of having fun :)

Over the past couple of months we realised that laughter is one of the most important aspects of our great teamwork. 🙂 We both work in challenging fields and sacrifice our weekends and evenings to bring our bag project to life. While we really love what we do it is important to have a good time together and laugh often 😉 The picture shows us with my husband and a common friend who are our closest advisors. They are both bright engineers and help us bring our project to live ❤ Tonight we simply enjoy life, but soon we will come with some new updates for you 🙂



We got nominated for the Emotion award!! <3

We have BIG news for you!!!! We got nominated for the Hand in Hand award for great teamwork by the Emotion magazine – one of the leading magazines for working women in Germany!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 16.21.56

We feel so honored and grateful to be part of it! What an exciting journey so far and we can’t wait for the final result! Thank you to the Emotion magazine and everyone believing in us !!! 🙂 🙂 The winning team wins 5000 EUR that we would use entirely to produce the perfect workbag for you. In between please cross your fingers for us and our project ❤ ❤ ❤

Link: https://community.emotion.de/emotion-award-17/de-DE/abstimmen





Everything works better with a glass of wine ;-)

Still life of a romantic evening in our house with candle light and a glass of red wine … sewing our Mojo prototype together with my husband 😉


After producing our first prototype we received a lot of feedback from you. Positive ones that really motivated us to continue, but also some negative comments about the size and the weight of the bag. As such we decided to take one step back and re-work the design process. Optimizing the size and the weight of the bag will be crucial before going into production.

It is our aim to fine-tune and rework the design countless times until we fall in love with our own product. That is not a small goal we set us there but we are prepared to do everything to create the perfect business bag for you 😉 But may be you can help us by naming below in the comment section the bags you carry and consider optimal in size? This would really help us designing the business bag suited to your needs 🙂

Many thanks and greetings,

Nina & Ilaria

Happy International Women’s Day!

On March 8 the International Women’s Day is celebrated to felicitate women and their achievements but also to remind us that much more has to be done.

Organisations funding school education for girls, political actions all over the world and global movements such as “lean in” have recently raised a lot of attention to gender inequality. However, it will take much more until we can speak of an equal world for women and men. According to the statistics of the European Union „in 2015, women’s gross hourly earnings were on average 16.3 % below those of men in the European Union (EU-28) and 16.8% in the euro area (EA-19). Across Member States, the gender pay gap varied by 21 percentage points, ranging from 5.5 % in Italy and Luxembourg to 26.9 % in Estonia“ (Source: Eurostat).

To change this gender gap we should support other women and think how we can be role models for our society. In the words of Malala Yousafzai: “Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It’s you who can change the world.”

This video shows how you can teach your daughters that they can be everything they want and achieve anything they want from – despite being a woman. And all it takes is reading them out a children story with female role models 🙂

Link: https://www.facebook.com/rebelgirls/videos/1596694693691853/?autoplay_reason=all_page_organic_allowed&video_container_type=0&video_creator_product_type=0&app_id=273465416184080&live_video_guests=0

Cheers to us and our future 🙂

Nina & Ilaria


(Picture source: http://www.boredpanda.com/inspirational-quotes-womens-day/)

Yes !! WE MADE IT !

Beaming with happiness and pride we felt like dancing around our apartments and jumping into the air when Annegret called us in November to announce us that we are now part of the Accelerator of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Munich.

It all started with a small undefined idea I had during my holidays when I asked my husband if he thinks that I am crazy and he told me to go full in (note to myself: he truly is the most amazing husband J). After spending endless days and nights together with Ilaria defining an elegant fashion line for working women, spending the week before my wedding working on a first prototype and the week after my wedding preparing for the admission presentation with little sleep and endless discussions it felt like our work finally paid off.

After the presentation we were nervous and decided to focus on other topics while waiting for the result. But then Annegret called. And we just couldn’t believe it. Other people, people we don’t even know, actually believe in our idea and us! We reached a HUGE milestone!

Now we are extremely motivated and created an ambitious timeline to bring out the first prototype as soon as possible. Nonetheless it is our biggest drive to bring out a product that both Ilaria and I will carry with pride. We promise that we will settle with nothing less!

Stay tuned and subscribe to follow our adventure J


What Mojo is about ..

We have spent countless weekends and evenings sitting together and skyping to brainstorm about our new brand for working women. After countless discussions, we finally found the perfect name: Mojo.

Mojo stands for a lucky charm, a talisman, and talent. We want to be the lucky charm for women, giving them the confidence to believe in their own talent and be the driver of their own success 🙂

As such our first product will be a handbag  women can take with confidence to work, without hiding themselves and their personalities. We decided that we will work on this bag until it is perfect and we both would love to wear it every single day. And of course, it should be so multifunctional that we can use it in both our private lives and our work lives.

Sign up and stay tuned on our progress 🙂